Women of the Bible 6: Who Am I?

Who is this biblical woman? Please read and see if you know her. And, don’t forget to comment.

I’m a working woman.

My husband and I traveled with one of the greatest church planters of all time, and he worked with us—literally. His trade was our own, and we were thankful for the opportunity to be co-workers, both spiritually and in our jobs. As we put the pieces of fabric together, we talked with him and learned from him.

One day, we heard a preacher of the gospel, and my husband felt he should invite him into our home. He needed teaching. He needed to have sound doctrine as well as boldness and charisma. Just as we would teach a son, we lovingly brought him along in the doctrines of God’s Word.

We are helpers in the ministry. The great church planter greets us by name in the Bible. In the Holy Scriptures, we also greet the people in Corinth on behalf of the church that meets in our house.

My husband and I function as a team—serving the Lord and also in the practical work that we do. In fact, when you read about me in the Bible, my name is always associated with my husband’s.

What is my name?

My husband’s?

For added credit, how do we make a living?

And, who’s the church planter we followed from place to place?

What can you learn about marriage and Christian service from my husband and me?

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  1. Priscilla and Acquilla, tentmakers, Paul. The lesson is that we should all be willing to work to support ourselves, even if we’re in full-time Christian service. Having a trade gives you something to fall back on if you need to.

    Not that we shouldn’t support our pastors, missionaries, etc. But sometimes the support just isn’t enough.

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