Reflections from quarantine

My worst day was one of the first. We’d been watching news coverage of the pandemic and had recently been told we’d be shut in at home for two weeks. They were serious. Even a walk in the wilderness was a step too far. I felt panic, enclosed. I wanted to go out and get a dog. (Dog walking is a legitimate excuse to leave the house.)

Thankfully, I quickly got over that surreal low point and began focusing on my blessings. I now have lots of time with my husband. He’s a keeper, and the extra time together has been welcome.

Most days, I go outside in the yard—very thankful for our yard—looking for beauty. I take a camera and photograph the spring awakening. When one searches for beauty, one finds it. The walks are good exercise, too. I love the sounds of the birds and wind. It’s mostly quiet, now, with very few cars or planes.

I use my extra time at home differently. My first novel is getting additions and edits, and it’s actually wrapping up in a direction that even I hadn’t foreseen.

One of the strange blessings of this time has been online church. Of course, I don’t want it to continue like this. We look forward to assembling together again. (See my blog post about this, here.) But, what I didn’t anticipate was the opportunity to enjoy our home church’s services live, plus our two services, and usually another on television. That means, instead of two services on Sundays, we enjoy three or four. Also, our daughter regularly watches one of our services online, from another country—a rare treat for her.

Our mission is streaming daily prayer times, and our home church is sharing a daily devotional from the men on staff.

This week is my project week, and I have boxes of things to sort through. Won’t that be fun? I’m being facetious, but this much-procrastinated task needs doing, and I don’t teach this week, so there are no excuses.

We’re in the fourth week of quarantine, with at least three ahead of us. The good news is that it looks like the worst of the epidemic in Spain might be behind us.

When King David was in a very low point, he encouraged himself in the LORD his God (from 1 Samuel 30:6). His people had been captured, and those who were left were angry and ready to stone their leader. David’s own family members had been carried away. But, David knew where to go with his concerns and griefs. He encouraged himself in the Lord. Then, he prayed for direction.

I’ve had to do the same: encourage myself in the Lord and ask Him for direction.

You see, our own plans hadn’t left room for a plague. Not at all. This was supposed to be a transition time. But God had other plans for us. Stay put. Keep on keeping on. Do what’s at hand to do.

I only need to trust.

At the beginning of this year, I chose a word to help me focus. Do you remember what it was?


This last week, I’ve been consciously turning my worries into worship. Lou Ann encouraged herself in the LORD her God.I’m trusting the One Who knows and cares.

What are you learning through this time of confinement? Please feel free to share.