Fiction review: The Perks of Meddling

Christy Barritt’s The Perks of Meddling is Book 2 in her Sidekick’s Survival Guide Mysteries. It begins like this: “If there was one thing my mama had taught me, it was to mind my own business. My dad, on the other hand, had told me that meddling when done correctly, could change the world.”

Elliot Ransom goes to work with private investigators Driscoll and Associates. Oscar Driscoll is an interesting boss who fires Elliot about once a week. When a client is refused for her lack of money, Elliot makes this woman’s business her business.

The woman is Rebecca Morrison and her sister, Trina, has been missing for several weeks. Rebecca says she thinks the Beltway Killer is responsible. This sends a shiver up Elliot’s spine, but it only makes her more determined to find Trina.

So begins the adventure. It gets complicated with Elliot’s co-worker Michael and a police detective aptly named Hunter. Whom can she trust? She certainly can’t trust Trina’s old boyfriend Keith.

The situations get crazy and dangerous, and Elliot almost ends up dead—more than once.

You’ll want to read The Perks of Meddling.

It might even motivate you to meddle in the right way—and change the world.

Five stars.

I loved this story so much that I have read the first four books in this series and have preordered the fifth, The Skill of Snooping, which will finally wrap up Elliot’s worst two issues. They are, in order: The Art of Eavesdropping, The Perks of Meddling (reviewed today), The Exercise of Interfering, The Practice of Prying, and The Skill of Snooping. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this clean and exciting series as much as I have.

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