Fiction review: Secrets

Secrets is the first book in the Glenbrooke Series by Robin Jones Gunn. I was looking for a fun read that wasn’t sad or complicated, and someone in my reading group recommended this series. I’m glad she did.

Jessica Morgan is driving to her life-changing beginning as a schoolteacher in the little town of Glenbrooke, Oregon. Unfortunately, the hospital is her first taste of her new life. With her lip sewn up and almost no money, she gives the nurse a false last name that she sees on a box in the room: Fenton.

Her rescuer is a firefighter named Kyle, who seems to be the most popular man in Glenbrooke. Jessica isn’t surprised, since he’s friendly, good-looking, and kind.

When school starts, the interim principal seems to have it in for Jessica. When she finds out that Jessica’s using a false name, the treatment gets worse.

Add to that the fact that all Jessica has eaten in several days are Ramen noodles and what she can scrounge at work, and Jessica is desperate. Why didn’t she bring more money with her? With her false name and her desire to hide from her father, she is stuck.

Jessica’s friendly neighbors and Kyle offer to help, but Jessica’s pride won’t let her open up or accept charity.

I can’t go any further without spoiling the story, but there are a lot of sweet, mature elements. I have read Robin Jones Gunn before, but this book stands out with its layers of thoughtful plotting. I enjoyed it, and I think you will, too. I especially loved the ending. It’s well-written Christian fiction.

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