Fiction review: Death the Halls

Death the Halls is one of the Christmas thriller-suspense novellas in the Mistletoe and Murder collection.

Wow! Adam Blumer’s Christmas novella grabbed me from the very first sentence: “Lauren Henry had fantasized about romance during this Christmas break, but she never dreamed she’d end up in the arms of a killer.” It takes off, quite literally, as Lauren is riding on a snowmobile, kidnapped by the man behind her.

The next chapter explains how she knows he is a killer and what happens to her in this just-before-Christmas story. Lauren’s boyfriend, James, is about to meet the family, including Grandma. But, there’s someone already in the house—actually two someones with guns and ski masks. In only a few minutes, one person is dead and another is on the floor, covered in blood. One of the men kidnaps Lauren, while the other guy watches out for her dad and boyfriend.

The action keeps going throughout this murder mystery suspense novel. For me, not only was the story and the pace captivating but also the little details, like the garage of old muscle cars, the woman on oxygen, and a scene at the bank. Who is behind the kidnapping? Why kidnap Lauren?

On Christmas Eve, we find James and Lauren together—at gunpoint. What else happens? You’ll have to read it for yourself.

And as you savor the satisfying ending, you might want to sit next to a fire with a cup of hot chocolate.

This is a wonderful short book, fast-paced, and the ending is perfect. Adam Blumer writes very well. I would definitely recommend Death the Halls. Five stars.

Also, I have read some of the other authors and can hardly wait to read their contributions to Mistletoe and Murder.

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